Take a well-deserved break from your humdrum routine and make yourself available for some quiet time. It is never too soon to pamper yourself and what better way to relax and reawaken your senses than to luxuriate in a rejuvenating spa?  The proverbial cherry on top would be if you were able to enjoy the pampering in the comfort of your own home. So allow yourself some precious time and revel in the ultimate home spa experience.

Stimulate your senses with EKAM and take a step closer to nature. EKAM serves you the best that nature has to offer and makes your session sensational. Whether you prefer to use a scrub or have the air waft with the mild scent of an aroma diffuser, you will find everything you need for the much-awaited ‘me time’ in EKAM’s spa collection.

The First Step:

 best scrub for combination skinnatural face scrub

serene blossom face mask                                       mystic blend face scrub

Whilst preparing a perfect at-home spa treatment, a good way to start would be to dab the face with the Serene Blossom Face Mask. Apply it evenly, leave it on for 10 minutes and allow it to dry a bit. Then wash it completely off completely to reveal the glowing skin you seek.

Alternately, you could use the Mystic Blend Face Scrub. Massage it on to your face in soft, circular movements, and then rinse it off completely. What this does very successfully is gently slough off dead skin cells from your face to leave it soft and supple.

Refresh and Rejuvenate:

     best organic body scrub            Scented Soap online

Morning dew body scrub                                                      charcoal charm luxury soap

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin with Morning Dew Body Scrub, when you go through your spa routine. Apply it all over your body, gently rub it on for 5 minutes, and finally wash it off. Follow the scrub by nourishing the skin with Secret Potion Body Oil to get deeply moisturised, smooth skin.

When it’s time for that energizing bath, let Charcoal Charm Luxury Soap be your best friend. It removes impurities from your skin, detoxifies it, and leaves it smooth and satiny. Let the goodness of glycerine and activated charcoal keep dry skin at bay and restore youthfulness every day.

Make It Special: best essential oil for relaxing massage

                                                                         Lavender Essential Oil

If you want to make your spa session extra special, add Lavender Essential Oil to your cart. Every drop of it is pure extract and the floral scent of lavender will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This essential oil will extend the finest spa hour by keeping stress far away.

Enchant the Senses:

                lemongrass essential oil online                        best incense sticks for home

             lemongrass reed diffuser                                                                    incense sticks         

To enjoy your ‘alone time’ to the fullest, enchant your olfactory senses with the exquisite bouquet of a Reed Diffuser. Even if you favour the delicate perfume of lavender to the zesty scent of lemongrass, Ekam is here to deliver the perfect aromatic reed diffuser for you.

Moreover, if you prefer incense sticks, take home some Ekam Incense Stick and you will be amazed. Designed in four custom packs having individual scents, each is carefully formulated to help you attain perfect tranquillity.

So relax your mind, renew your body, and get ready to discover the new YOU.



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