Ekam brings to you its Personal Care Collection, exhibiting a range of wellness products.

The launch of our Ekam personal care products, along with its vibrant e-store has created quite the impression on its existing customers.

Ekam’s new collection is a bold combination of beauty, healthcare, and zeal.

The tagline of Ekam “made special” holds true in every sense that there is a unique touch to each product.

The main aim of the E-store is to build a  larger clientele and to satisfy the client’s expectations of us. Our handmade soaps are unique, and apart from these, we have other body and personal wellness products.

From a  modest company selling candles to now building a luxurious brand, we have indeed come a long way.

The quality of the products and our unfeigned commitment is what has customers coming back, time and again. Some of our other aesthetic products such as the Meditating Thai Styled Buddha Candle are a fine example of artfulness and elegance. We believe in indulging in the best and especially when it comes to your personal care, you should not have to shy away.

As rightly stated by Mr. Vijay Kaniyar, the AGM of  Ekam, “When your schedule is filled with helping and taking care of everyone else, it is easy to forget about your own needs.”

Deep rooted beauty is the essence of the Ekam brand. Our main aim is to slow down the pace of time and make our customers feel special, as they rightfully are.

Our products are carefully blended using limited, scarce and premium ingredients. This sets Ekam apart from most other brands.

We have been privileged to be lauded in this article by PR news wire, which is a leading media communication technology and analytics company.

Our elegant yet spirited range of our very own creations is not only a treat to the eye but also to the mind, body, and soul.

We urge you to indulge in some luxury living, today.


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