Fragrances for Men

One of the primary factors of attraction is Scent. Women have higher sense of smell relative to men and hence, the way a man smells is directly proportion to his attractiveness to a woman. Few of the masculine scents are as listed below:


Coolest of nights can be warmed with spicy scents such as ginger, cinnamon and frankincense! These scents personify holiday baking- kindling warm memories for women.


Women find just-out-of-the-shower smell appealing and the citrus scents such as orange, red grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass and lime have the exact same invigorating and energizing effect. However, over dosage of the smell might make a man smell like the fruits section in departmental store.


For women who are particularly fond of fresh smell, the smell of soap, fresh laundry or soap have strong impact. These smell are uplifting and have calming effect on women.


Sensual and sexy, popularly used by most men, drives women wild. It forms the fundamental of most men’s cologne and is widely preferred by most women for their men to wear.  Musk based colognes are based on musk oil which is known to have strong powers sexual attraction. Musk oil was derived from musk deer.



Earthy notes are strongly associated with masculinity. The earthy aroma includes sandalwood, rosewood and patchouli. Scientific research has found out that earthy scents are like feel-good scents and warm the body. Also, women subconsciously find sandalwood smell very attractive.

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