Associate the Emotions of Your Mother This Mothers’s Day with Ekam

A mother is the one who brought us into this world. A mother, without whom our life is unimaginable. A mother who plays several roles in her life- a sister, a best friend, a guide, a teacher and many more, with every role she has a smile on her face. For that smile, that love, that care, that concern what are you doing for her this Mother’s day?.

As a kid, it was easy to gift mothers with different handmade paintings, mother’s day cards, mother’s day greetings, mother’s day messages etc., Years pass and it becomes difficult to decide upon what new to gift her this year and make her feel as special as she is.

A mother is a blend of all emotions, she is the one who undergoes so many emotions in a single day.…She is the only person on the planet who works 24×7 without any expectation… THINK! Say “thanks” to your mother on this Mother’s day. This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special. Give her the best feel which she always gives you. Make her feel proud, make her feel special, because she is the one who deserves it all!!

Most of the moms today are extremely busy, so if you really want to surprise her this Mother’s Day, give her a day that is all about her. She is the one who witnesses multiple moods in one single day. Make her feel grateful for the unconditional love and the patience she has. And what better way to do it than aromatherapeutic candles. With Fragrance you can make her feel delighted. It drives the emotions and acts magical.

With floral scents like Jasmine, lavender, vanilla the feel of depression can be easily moved away. With scents of Mango Papaya, strawberry candles you can calm her stress, make her feel fresh, re-energise herself, build confidence and even help her having a better sleep. Gift her with the combination of any of these three beautiful fragrances in cookie jar gift box set.


Give her the sense of this uniqueness and make her feel wonderful. Be it Rose – the freshness of fragrance can create a feeling of unconditional love & wellness and has a positive influence overall. Or Cool water fragrance which reflects essence of the ocean, which is sure to refresh your mother with the intense freshness. The rustic cool blue colour of the fresh cool water scented candle is surely a wave of refreshment for the soul or Fresh linen which is a sunny fragrance, it smells crisp and fresh just like clean laundry. This irresistible scent will embrace and comfort you just like her favourite linens.


Gift it all with Ekam this Mother’s Day and it make a memorable one.

Ekam Wishes All the Mothers across the globe.. A Very Happy Mother’s Day!!

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