10 Fragrance Products to Detoxify your Home

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Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxic, unwanted substances in order to neutralize, harmonize and transform anything for more clarity and balance. We all indulge in detoxification for our bodies in the form of bathing, fasting, dieting etc but have we ever  given a thought that the home we live in is our sacred space that would need cleansing and support too. The space we live in can either inspire us or drain us; it all depends upon the energy it holds. And that energy can sometimes get all freaky and negative because of stagnant air, blocked areas or cluttered elements.

We add so many chemicals in the form of pesticides, cleaning products and toxic residues around our little haven. There are days when you will have that sick feeling in your gut or will find that negative vibe around you because of the same reason. Hence, detoxification is a significant process of adding more positive energies, cutting down on stressful vibe and infusing love and happiness. You can detox home in a simple way by changing the air with the use of fragrance, there are many scented candles online India that you can quickly buy and instantly promote harmony with a breath of fresh air. There are also varieties of other products from our range that can help you recharge your home and dramatically increase the quality of your life.

  1. Uplifting Lemon Grass & Kiwi Fragrance Lemongrass and kiwi fragrance together can inspire, stimulate and encourage a sense of elevation and magnification. The out of sync home environment can also hinder other aspects of your life such as relationships, career and may bitter your own mood. To detoxify you can always use a bit of lemongrass to fetch some balance and motivation.
  2. Reed diffuser in sandalwood fragrance The soft, woody, therapeutic age old fragrance of sandalwood is used to create a meditative ambiance. It has a warm and exquisite scent that can easily heal you and your space. In Indian tradition sandalwood is always used for havans (homas) because it has powerful elements for clearing and energizing for divine intervention.
  3. Lantern Large Green Color Therapy or referred as chromotherapy is one simple way to connect with our senses, emotions and moods. Dark places symbolize stuck energy and dense colors suck all the creative flow. Ever wonder why it feels good in a garden or a space with beautiful colors? Because of the transmutation of healing vibes from that color. You can add such a magic to your own home by bringing a little color that will soothe the aura of your environment. Green is a basic color for holistic development, happiness and prosperity.
  4. Refreshing Cool Breeze fragrance As the name suggests this fragrance will take you you to a different dimension of coolness, calmness and refreshing zeal. It will add vitality to your abode and cut through all the blocked patterns of sulking and dormant negative energies.
  5. The Luscious Strawberry Fragrance Tea-light Candles These will put a fruity punch in your habitat once used while creating a space of joy, high energy and indulgence. Their playful flavor will smash and puncture anything that is blocking the genuine flow of your home to allow a rejuvenating aura to come in.
  6. Tuscan rose fragranced frosted glass cup – The unique, romantic, soft touch of rose fragrance can light up any dull territory. The freshness of this fragrance along with its essence of unconditional love, nurturing and wellness will work beautifully to reorganize the emotional attachment to your room and will produce a positive influence. It is different from any regular scented candle online India because it will burn more evenly and longer as it is made using the right wick and wax formulation.
  7. Enchanting Lavender Room Spray Lavender is the most popular fragrance that is used for relaxation, cleansing, boosting energy and balancing the mind and body. It has healing elements that reduces stress and promotes a subtly calm environment.
  8. An homage to the lush wooded Bamboo garden, these green pillar candles , with its sensuous fragrance is energizing & fresh. This modern and mystical fragrance reminds one of the crisp jungle leaves in a damp rainforest. Fall in love with the crispy woody notes of Bamboo Garden candle.
  9. The Fresh Linen fragrance Pillar Candle When the energy of the home gets really negative and you need a quick cleansing solution, something that will cut through all the chaos will work magically. This fresh linen pillar candle works in the same manner; it has a crisp fragrance that creates a pleasant atmosphere with a welcoming attitude.
  10. White Jasmine Melts As Indians we have grown up with this fun loving fragrance that provides a rejuvenating combination of traditional roots with spiritual lineage. This fragrance will help energizing the space of your lovely house and will pour its enchanting beauty for a new refreshing start. Jasmine has properties that will soothe your mind and body.

Hope you enjoy modifying the vibe of your home for better health, success and harmony. These products can work as external triggers but your thoughts and words also affect the energy of the atmosphere. Think positive and always be grateful for whatever you have to enjoy the goodness of life.

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