Light up your Friendships this Friendship Day!


True friendship stands the test of time. The feeling of love and care that is characterized by friendship makes this bond purest of all the relationships.  To be a friend of great value, you actually don’t need to be expressive by words, your actions can speak a lot louder about your feelings. But if we enjoy life as a big celebration, then Friendship Day deserves a substantial share of this celebration. Friendship Day is the time to appreciate the presence of that healing touch in life which shields us from the pain of every wound.

Friendship Day celebrations bring happiness to lives and hold the relations among friends. So one should not miss making this day memorable for their friends with some thoughtful ideas.

Creating the best of such moments does not need throwing an extravagant party for a whole bunch of acquaintances, but by making precious efforts in the honour of a relationship that gives you immense joy. The day is not far and there are chances that you have already started looking for Friendship Day Gifts. The greeting cards and flowers sent to a distant friend have been an age-old tradition now. The creative gift ideas of this era include baking for your  friend , go the social media way- post a selfie, tell the world what he/she means to you, or get inked together, or send her a card and aroma candles –this has its own charm, or  tees with each other’s pictures printed on them . The nostalgia of every gift is reflective in one way or the other for precious pals.

These days, the optimism and zeal of friendship is often expressed by youngsters in the form of cute doodles drawn in a scrap book and captioned with witty remarks. Or how about dedicating some thoughtful compositions for a friend who gave you numerous reasons to smile? There are so many smartphone apps these days that can give words to your unspoken feelings for your treasured friend.

And if you feel you are a grown-up beyond all these childish, fun-filled activities, then just reach out to your loving friend, give him/her a warm hug and say “I am so incomplete without you. My world seems empty if you don’t fill that space.” Because when it comes to connecting with your twin-soul, you can find different ways to make this day truly AWESOME with its eternal attributes.

So celebrate the upcoming Friendship Day on 2 August, 2015 with those true friends in your life who you have treasured for years but haven’t taken an opportunity to let them know how valuable they are, no matter how old you grow, there is always a soft corner in your heart that is occupied by true friends for a lifetime. Let’s steal some timeless moments from our busy schedule, meet and greet old friends, spend time together and finally raise a toast to an insightful bond called friendship to make life worth cherishing, because some things are FOREVER!

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