Be it Baisakhi, Vishu or Puthandu celebrate this New Year with Scented Candles

Baisakhi in Punjab and Haryana, Vishu in Kerala, Maha vishuva Sankranti in Orissa , Puthandu in TamilNadu and Bihu In Assam is the first day of the Hindu lunar calendar. Baisakhi literally means a new age or the beginning of a new planetary cycle. This traditional festival is usually celebrated in the second half of March or in early April. In 2015, Baisakhi/ Maha vishuva Sankranti falls on 14th April and Vishu on 15th April.

Vaisakhi, also known as Baisakhi, which marks the New Years’ time as it is time to harvest rabi crop for the large farming community of Punjab and Haryana. On Baisakhi, farmers thank god for the bountiful crop and pray for good times ahead. People buy new clothes and make merry by singing, dancing and enjoying the best of festive food.

Vishu is celebrated with much fanfare and vigour in all parts of Kerala. It is considered a festival of light and fireworks, and decorative lights and bursting of firecrackers (Vishupadakkam) is part of the celebration.

Vishu celebrations include Puthukodi: Buying of new clothes for the occasion, Vishukkaineetam: the tradition of giving money and the most important event in Vishu is the Vishukkani, means “the first thing seen on the day of Vishu after waking up”. It consists of a ritual arrangement of auspicious articles (including rice, fruits and vegetables, betel leaves, arecanut, metal mirror, yellow flowers called konna (Cassia fistula), holy texts and coins) arranged  usually in the prayer room of the house  the night before Vishu and is the first sight seen on Vishu as it is intended to signify prosperity.

 Decorating your home for this new year: There are many types of home fragrance and decor products which can be bought online in India that can create pleasant décor and ambience in your home or garden. There are several Vishu decoration ideas.  Lighting scented candles are a classy way to create a charming festive atmosphere in your home or apartment. They come in a large array of shapes and sizes, colors and scents.

rangoli decoration ideasRangoli with Scented Candles: Cleaning the house in the morning is a must ritual in every festival and when it comes to Vishu or Puthandu people are very enthusiastic about it. People love to create rangoli at the entrance as it is a positive symbol considered by locals. People feel spiritually connected to welcome New Year by using scented candles/diyas on the rangoli by
placing t-light candles at different points of rangoli.

Gifts:  Any festival or celebration is said to be incomplete without gifting, so people who stay nearby to one another can gift each other or visit one another. People who stay far away from their loved ones can now depend on online shops. Online shops have become a major bridge between people by delivering gifts to their loved ones. There are several sites from which you can buy Bihu gifts/vishu gifts/Baisakhi gifts online. Some of the gift options on this Baisakhi/Vishu/ Puthandu  or Bihu  are decorative Scented Candles, flameless fragrances such as Potpourris, room fresheners etc

This festival is all about joy and happiness with bright colours. Colorful Scented candles in large number are bought by people and being lighted and gifts are exchanged uplifting the mood of their near and dear ones. Enjoy Vishu/Baisakhi/Puthandu or Bihu!! And do let us know in comments what you love most about it.

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