Best Valentine Day’s gifting ideas for your loved ones

The day of love, expression, joy and mirth comes only once a year on February 14th, but keeps many couples wanna be couples and those starting out their journey of love with someone in a tizzy. One of the most confusing elements of this day of love and expression is the thought and the efforts taken to get your Valentine the perfect gift. This maze can be resolved with the usual suspects of flowers (red roses are perfect), romantic dinner, a short vacation or a cuddly toy, and of course sparkling jewelry almost nails it. But if you are one of those select few who wish to chart a different path, experiment with Valentine Day gift ideas, there is something for everyone on Ekam’s collection of beautiful and aromatic candles and a vast range of home fragrance India. What makes each and every item presented by Ekam the best Valentine Day’s gift?

DIY date

A must do on a Valentine’s Day is the ever so intimate candlelit dinner, and what better way to do it at your own home with beautiful, colorful and refreshing range of aromatic candles from Ekam? Not only you can have your privacy, you can actually cook or lay a fancy table for two in your own apartment, with just the candles doing all the work of creating the prefect Valentine Day effect without bursting the bank at some fancy dining place. Here, you are the one doing everything which is more personal, intimate and of course highly romantic. Not only can you pick a beautiful candle to arrange on the dining table, but also choose from a vast array of room fresheners India, that will add the extra element of romance and special lovesick moments.

Get creative with ideas

Candles have the power to offer you many choices in how you plan your date and how you use the multi-purpose candles to best use. If you have access to a terrace garden or a patio, you can not only create the perfect dinner date but actually make it a well lit one with all beautiful, handpicked candles from the Ekam collection. You can let your creative ideas take charge as you plan the ideal Valentine Day for your special someone.

Candles are perfect as a thoughtful, intimate and very refreshing Valentine Day’s Gift as they can be used in creative ways as well as are sure to impress your special Valentine.

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